Loving Arms Doula Care, LLC -   Postpartum Care for New Moms

   "Being first time parents with a baby who had Acid Reflux, Donna was such a God-send! Her nurturing and calm energy, and care she provided our son, was amazing. She also took great care of me so I could take good care of my son. We cannot thank her enough for all her help and support above and beyond what we expected."

                                                                                           Connie & John     
   "Being a new mother to twins can be scary and daunting!  Donna was an excellent resource on many items, and came armed with literature or resources to help battle any problems or issues I was facing.  My babies were born very premature, and she was really flexible in working with my schedule and even coming out to meet with us in the hospital!  It was really wonderful to have Donna around to help out and definitely made that early motherhood period more manageable. "               
  "Donna was not only wonderful with my two children, she was also a huge support to me and my husband. She is an incredible caring, nurturing  and trustworthy individual."
  "The first few weeks can be very daunting and lonely
with  first baby. Donna was a great source of advice and comfort; while making sure I wasn't neglecting my own health by reminding me to eat, drink, and rest. She gave structure to my day and generally made my transition into motherhood easier and pain free. I would highly
recommend her as a doula."                                                              
" Thank you for all  of your help with the twins- you made my life so much easier when you were here. You are very good at soothing newborns, and putting a nervous new mother's mind at ease."                                             

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