Loving Arms Doula Care, LLC -   Postpartum Care for New Moms

 Are you a new or expectant mother? 
 I would love to support you at this very special time in your life. 

provide non-medical care and assistance to new mothers & their babies.
Having a baby is one of the most exciting events in life, but for a woman recovering from childbirth, caring for a newborn can be a challenge. The postpartum period is sometimes called the “4th trimester”. This should be a peaceful window of time for mother/infant bonding, mom’s physical recovery, and establishing successful breastfeeding.  Because our culture focuses on the pregnant mom and childbirth, the value of the postpartum period often is overlooked and new moms are expected to bounce back much too quickly. When a doula is in your home, mom can focus on these very important things, while her doula does her job of “mothering the mother”.

It is a heartfelt privilege to support families after their babies arrive. 
Below are some of the things I provide.

PHYSICAL SUPPORT:  Childbirth is hard work, and new mama deserves TLC.  I assist mom’s recovery by making sure she is eating, staying hydrated, and getting rest. I will take care of her little one while she eats, rests, or showers, and help with siblings if this is not baby#1. If new mama wants to sleep, I will care for and feed baby, or wake her to breastfeed when baby is hungry.

EDUCATION:  I can provide breastfeeding education & guidance, tips for diapering, swaddling, and calming, and help with that first bath. I offer evidence-based information and follow current APA (American Pediatric Assoc.) recommendations on sleep safety.

HOUSEHOLD HELPI can make you snacks, light meals, and keep your kitchen clean. Bottles will be washed and formula will be made. I will do baby laundry, and keep baby/family areas tidy. I also will shop for any food, pharmacy, or baby items you might want before I arrive for my shift.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORTNew moms worry they are doing things wrong. A doula can provide a reassuring presence while mom finds her comfort zone as a parent.  Days with a newborn can be long and lonely.  A doula’s companionship is valuable on many levels. Baby Blues.  It is not unusual for moms to feel teary or overwhelmed in the early weeks due to hormonal shifts, pain, & lack of sleep. A doula listens to mom’s feelings and concerns with a non-judgmental ear. If anxiety or sadness persists, I can suggest professional resources.